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Organisation Overview

About Us

Legal Name Specified Non-profit Corporation Kansai NGO Council
Year of Establishment 1987
Acquisition of Legal Personality Kansai NGO Council acquired legal personality as a specified non-profit corporation in 2003
Chair Atsuko Miwa
Address 4th floor 2-30 Chayamachi Kita-ku, Osaka
530-0013 JAPAN
Contact TEL: +81(0)6-6377-5144

Office Location

4th floor 2-30 Chayamachi Kita-ku, Osaka
530-0013 JAPAN

Nearest Station
Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station (Chayamachiguchi gate)
Distance from the station to the office: 0.3 km

JR Osaka station (Midosuji North gate) Distance from the station to the office: 0.6 km

Our History

  • 1985

    The ‘Kansai NGO Liaison’ was established. Study meetings and exchange programmes were organised.

  • 1987

    The ‘Kansai International Cooperation Council’ was founded (Secretariat located at the Osaka YMCA). The ‘Kansai NGO University’ was launched.

  • 1994

    The organisation was renamed to ‘Kansai NGO Council’.

  • 1996

    Regular Consultation Meetings between NGOs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began. The Kansai NGO Council participated as an operations coordinator for the NGOs (ongoing).

  • 1997

    The Secretariat was relocated (from the Osaka YMCA to the Asia Volunteer Centre).

  • 1998

    The training course on ‘Participatory Rural Development through collaborative action with NGOs’ was initiated in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Osaka International Centre (1998-2016).
    *The JCA Osaka amalgamated with the JICA Kansai in April 2012.
    Consultation Meetings between NGOs and the JICA began, and the Kansai NGO Council attended as a member of the NGO steering committee (ongoing).

  • 1999

    The Kansai NGO Council was relocated to the current office. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned us to provide consultation for NGOs as part of the project to create an enabling environment for NGOs (ongoing).

  • 2000

    The expert committee on advocacy was established.

  • 2003

    The Kansai NGO Council was certified as a specified non-profit corporation.

  • 2004

    ’The Kansai NGO Council's Guidelines for NGO Activities and Operations’ were formulated.

  • 2007

    ‘The Joint photo exhibition of our member organisations in commemoration of the 20th anniversary: the world through the eyes of children’ was held.
    The Safe Travelling Seminars started (ongoing).

  • 2009

    ‘The Joint information session on NGO study tours’ started.

  • 2013

    ‘Grant Programmes for NGOs in the Kansai Region’ were launched (ongoing).

  • 2014

    ‘The Kansai CS Network Forum’ began (2014- 2019).
    Our first 'One World Festival for Youth' was held (ongoing).

  • 2018

    ‘The 30th-anniversary reception of the Kansai NGO Council’ took place.
    The KANSAI-SDGs Citizens Agenda was developed to mark the 30th anniversary (ongoing).

  • 2020

    The COVID-19 Emergency Fund, known as ‘I, the Community and the Global Fund: Everyone Under the Same Sky’ was launched.
    A simultaneous questionnaire survey of the spread of COVID-19 infection was conducted among NGOs working in the area of international cooperation in Japan.
    ‘Consultation Meetings between NGOs and the JICA’ began.

  • 2022

    The Kansai NGO Council served as the Secretariat of the NGO committee— formed for the regular consultation meetings—to promote cooperation between NGOs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    ‘The Revision of the Development Cooperation Charter’
    The Kansai NGO Council was a leading organisation in the process of revising the Development Cooperation Charter.
    During this time, we were the Secretariat of the representative NGO member of the Advisory Panel and the NGO Advisory Group.
    We were also part of the Joint Secretariat of the Civil Society Network.
    The ‘SDGs Japan Scholarship Iwasa Prize for Education’ was awarded to us for our accomplishments during the One World Festival for Youth.

  • 2023

    The Kansai Council of NGOs joined the ‘Civil7 2023’ and the ‘People's Citizen Summit 2023’ as Secretary of the G7 Civil Society Coalition.
    ‘The 35th-anniversary reception of the Kansai NGO Council’ took place.

Organisational Structure


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