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About Us

About Kansai NGO Council

Kansai NGO Council is an NGO designed as a network of its individual member NGOs, mostly headquartered in the Kansai area of Japan, all of whose missions are equally related to international help and assistance. We work to further enhance and expand the activities of our member NGOs through coordination and cooperation.



We nurture inter-member cooperation to contribute to their healthy advancement and growth, acknowledging the fact that each member is a non-profit organisation created by citizens’ initiatives out of purely humanitarian motives, enjoying accountable and democratic management, and embracing the common missions of overseas cooperation in the areas of development, human rights and environmental issues.


How We Were Born

In 1985, a group of NGO’s in Kansai got together to create the “Kansai NGO Liaison”, a friendship alliance which later evolved into the current Kansai NGO Council. It was at this time that NGOs started to attract people’s interest in Japan.
Then the Liaison study events and forums for the members until June 16, 1987, when the members decided to incorporate Kansai International Cooperation Council, a network organisation to execute the task of more aggressive, hands-on syndication activities, rather than mere mutual liaising.
Kansai International Cooperation Council changed, in September 1994, its corporate name to Kansai NGO Council.
Kansai NGO Council continues to further strengthen its networking facility to further empower its members.

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